It’s a Go !

It’s Sunday Darling !!!!

This means that today is your last rest day before we begin our May I Be Healthy challenge. Although it actually begins May 1st, I figured that two extra days of being healthy never killed anyone and it’s easier to begin on a monday than in the middle of week.

In order for any challenge to be successful, you need to plan:

Fitness Planning

– When and Where will I train ?

6 a.m at the gym? 8 p.m in my basement ? Devise a plan of how many days a week you wish to stay active and stick to it religiously!

– Do you have the necessary equipment ?

-running shoes -shorts – shirts -headbands -decent elastics to hold your ponytail -training gloves -towel -locker (gym) -iphone wristband (for runners because holding your phone or putting it in your sports bra is pretty uncomfortable) -sports bras …

-How will i stay motivated ?

Set a precise and achievable goal. Decide that by the end of the month, you want that black dress to fit. Make sure your goal is achievable and DO NOT FIXATE ON A #.

– Nike Training App – Nike Running App – Instagram Fitness pages – PumpUp App – a picture of the Victoria Secret models as a screensaver (it works) – a great workout playlist

What will I eat ?

– Go grocery shopping with a list. I know Doritos are 2/4$ but fight the urge and stick to your list:

Fruits and Vegetables: Avocado, Asparagus, Carrots, Celery, Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Watermelon, Berries, Pineapples… the options are endless

Meat & Substitutes: Fish & Chicken… beware of beef and other red meat… Tofu, Beans

Dairy; Almond Milk, Greek Yogurt, Kefir

Carbs: Sweet potato, whole grain rice, whole grain bread, quinoa

Build your own grocery list and read nutritional values because knowledge is everything.

Prepare Wisely!




MAY I Be Healthy ?!

Hello beautiful !

It’s been quite a long time…

After months of studying and being ridiculously stressed out from a busy schedule, the Fashion Department is back and rested… somewhat…

Nevertheless, as I walked home from school today, I noticed that Spring was undoubtedly here. If you live in Montreal, you have most definitely witnessed what I like to call Sprinter. The calendar says its Spring, yet when you look through your window, it looks like thee is a blizzard going on.

With that being said, the weather is warming up and this is pretty synonymous to allergy season and bikini-ready season.

Therefore, in order to beat the Spring Blues, I have dedicated the month of May as a healthy month.

After all, fashion is not only about the outside because we all know that true beauty shines from within.

Throughout the month of May, FashDep will be presenting juicing recipes to reinforce your immune system and cleanse your body from all those extra whip hot chocolates, while giving you some fitness tips and healthy living motivation.

Keep in mind that I am no expert and I will be doing some extensive research in order to be as accurate as possible. Therefore, enjoy these last six days and prepare yourself for Healthy May.

In the case where you are feeling extra challenged, join me and the Tone It Up team for the bikini series beginning on April 28th. Karena and Katrina offer the best fitness and healthy living tips.

If you are in lack of motivation, download the pump up app and follow me @asareruby. It’s filled with fitness enthusiasts and workout ideas along with healthy meal recipes. Summer is almost here and cofidence is key when it comes to enjoying it. Hard work always pays off so get moving, get fit and love yourself through it all. After all, you can do anything you set your mind to.

xoxo, FashDep.

Beat The Ash

Hello Darling !

Being a girl has many challenges. We are often seen as perfect creatures with beautiful hair, perfect nails and flawless skin.

As if that wasn’t challenging, being a cosmetician makes the previous statement even more of a requirement because you should basically embody perfection. Nevertheless, once the temperature drops to -40 degrees Celsius, it seems impossible to  find anything that will hydrate your dry,rough and chapped skin. If you are like me, you love being on the go with your   ID cards in one pocket and your phone in the other… Carrying a bag to simply carry lotion kind of annoys me …

Everyone always says to moisturize right when you get out of the shower but that does not seem to help. Upon a week of serious experiments, the verdict is in and I have found the trick ladies…



Find a natural product store and pick up some raw shea butter… It should come in a yellow-golden color, hard as rock.

Buy it and heat it up until it is in a liquid texture (if you overheat it, it will loose all its nutrients). Pour a generous amount in your body wash AND your body lotion. Keep the extra for your knees, knuckles and rough spots.

I don’t even know why you are still reading. GO FIND YOUR SHEA BUTTER GIRL !

If your skin is cracking because it is so dry, add glycerin to the mix. Also make sure you are getting enough H2O in your body.

Thank Me Later,